Why does this site exist?

This site exists solely to provide a functioning podcast for Frank O. Pinion and the Large Morning Show in the Afternoon. This program airs weekdays on KTRS 550 AM in St. Louis, Missouri.

But doesn’t the station have it’s own podcast?

It did, but that went missing in the middle of October 2011. I would much prefer to use the stations podcast rather than my own, as their audio files contain no commercials. But the podcast was never updated promptly, regularly, or correctly. If shows were posted, they would show up a day late. But that is a big if. More than likely, they would not be posted.

If and when the station can reliably update a podcast for TLMSITA, I’ll gladly use that.

What is the podcast link?

If you’d like to use this podcast, please add http://feeds.marktastic.com/FrankOPinion to your favorite audio software like Itunes, Zune Player or one of the other thousands of podcast enabled music players.


Email fop@marktastic.com

* If you have old audio from The Large Morning Show in the Afternoon and are interested in sharing it with the world, please contact the email address above and I’d be happy to host and post it on this site.

The Podcast of the Large Morning Show in the Afternoon